9 Big Benefits That Search Engine Optimization Brings to Local Real Estate Businesses

Search engine optimization, generally known as SEO, refers to the methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics that are used to raise the number of visitors to any given website by obtaining higher-rankings in search engine’s result pages including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search Marketing is being broken down into 2 areas: off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Off-page optimization simply refers to the backlinks (these are links that point to the website that’s being optimized). On-page optimization refers to elements of site that comprise a web page like the images, HTML codes and textual content.
SEO has experienced significant growth over the past years, more so due to an increase in usage of smartphones as well as better connectivity. Today, SEO isn’t still an option for any marketing strategy but instead it has actually become a very crucial element that you can’t survive without. Increases in mobile marketing tactics coupled with the demand for a quick gratification by the consumers have made SEO services to be of great importance than ever before to local businesses.

The key to any successful online business to a great extent depends on how relevant and attractive your website is as well as the rank that the business holds in major search engines. In order to make your website search engine friendly, it’s important that the website is well optimized and it contains information which is useful to all the visitors and rank high in Google local pack. The information should also reflect the business message effectively to several online viewers.

In case you’re still not convinced to outsource SEO services, here are 9 benefits of SEO to local businesses:

1. Create a better and more user friendly website

For starters, Search Engine Optimization will help you in creating a better, faster and friendlier site for users. Despite the name, SEO is not just about search engines but the main focus is on the users. When your users are happy, the search engines will also be happy. Following great on-page SEO techniques will improve the user experience. In turn, this will create a number of both short term and long term benefits.

2. Find new clients and also assist growth

If you think clearly, one of the major reasons why you have your own site is to raise and also differentiate the customer base. In fact, local businesses that have a website usually grow twice as fast when compared to businesses that do not have a website. Search Engine Optimization will help you in gaining better rankings in the search engine’s result pages. This later translates to targeted visits and more customers in the end.

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3. Explore new markets

The website is definitely among the fastest growing markets in the World economy but it isn’t the only one. An effective SEO campaign will also help you in finding new markets and also explore new economies. Mobile marketplaces and social media platforms can take your website traffic to a new level by boosting the SEO performance.

4.Achieve better conversion rates

An SEO optimized site is fast, easy to use and also compatible with mobile devices. This also leads to better conversions (visitors corning to your site are likely to become frequent customers, loyal visitors or subscribers)

5. Build brand awareness through the better rankings

One of the unseen advantages of ranking among the top positions of SERPs is the brand awareness. Users are likely to trust your brand when it appears among the first places whenever they search for a product as compared to brands that lack a good web presence. Businesses that want to build brand awareness should invest in an SEO consultant vancouver and eventually gain top positions for terms that are related to their local business. This isn’t the 90’s anymore and the search engines are currently playing a very important role to build or destroy a brand.

6. Build a very dedicated fan base using the newsletter

Good Search Engine Optimization approaches mean more traffic to your website and a good way for building a very dedicated fan base using the RSS feeds and newsletters. These 2 services existed even before the use of social media and they’re still very good sources of traffic. As a matter of fact, majority of the successful bloggers say that a great part of their income comes from the email lists as opposed to the social media sites or other medium. As such, even if you’re working on social media marketing, it’s still necessary to make it easy for the users to subscribe to your feeds and newsletters. What happens in most instances is that websites have a newsletter box, guests enter their emails to subscribe but the site never sends out a newsletter.

7. Stay in-synch with latest developments

The search engine industry is among the fast-changing industries across the world today. Practices and rules change all the time and if you can manage to stay in-synch with all the latest developments then it is for your own benefit. Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process and if you hire services of a reliable SEO agency they will give you the required advice so that you will not miss any opportunities.

8. Bypass competition

Imagine 2 businesses operating in the same niche, selling same products at the same price. One of the businesses has an optimized site and the other business has a non-optimized website. Other things remaining equal, which business do you think will be more successful? Which business will gain more clients from Vancouver SEO and which business is likely to grow at a fast rate? Do not ever underestimate the great power of SEO and search engines, and do not forget that if the competitors are doing social media marketing and SEO then you will have to do the same as well. On the contrary, if they aren’t doing any marketing, then it is your opportunity to differentiate and also make a forward step.

9. Open your business 24/7

A business that receives organic traffic is like it’s open for 24×7. That’s the magic of SEO and the Internet. Invest money and time to get your site on top of SERPs and also gain new customers even when your business is closed.

Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Agent thats great at Marketing

You have invested a lot in your property. You need a real estate agent who understands that selling something that you have put so much effort and finance in is no mean feat. The following tips for selecting a real estate will come in handy:

Real Estate Agent


How does the real estate agent behave when they interact with potential buyers? Are they able to identify the features of the property they were selling? Do they answer all your questions about the property? Was the agent on time to open the property? The only way to make these observations is via going for an open house inspection.


Again, an open house inspection will enable you to observe how your potential real estate agent interacts with prospective buyers. Are you impressed by their communication style? Is it convincing? Does he establish a rapport with his listeners?


Has the agent sold any properties recently? If they have, ask questions like prices, the time the property was on the market, and any other facts.


While this may not seem like one of the tips for selecting a real estate agent, but gauging the interest of someone who will be selling your property is of the utmost importance. The real estate agent needs to be interested in your property. Moreover, they should be interested in meeting your needs, rather than imposing their own.


Is your agent working with very many clients? They may not be able to give your property the much-needed focus. You need to understand whether your property is a priority, or whether you might fade into the background as soon as you sign up for the agent’s services.


An agent who is affiliated with a real estate institute shows that they are focused on understanding market trends and remaining relevant in their industry. Go for one who is affiliated with a real institute, whether that is on a local, state or national level.


An ideal real estate agent should have references from clients that they have worked with in the past. Word of mouth recommendations is also a great sign of an agent who can deliver.

Knowledge of the area

The agent should know the area where you are selling your property very well. He should know the other properties that are on sale in your area since they are likely to compete with your property. He should know the properties that have recently sold. The agent should help to assess your property, and how it is positioned in the market when compared to the competition. They should also give you an assessment of the market in the surrounding areas and provide information about transport, schools and other amenities in the area. They should give you a breakdown of the demographics of the buyers that would be interested in buying your property.

Marketing strategy

A good real estate agent should be able to not only identify the most likely buyers of your property. They should also be able to identify a particular marketing strategy to reach those specific people.


Look for the technological aspect in the agent’s marketing strategy. Do they involve using the internet or smartphones? If not, the marketing strategy will not be effective.

All in All

Choosing a real estate agent is a daunting task. You need to make observations about their professionalism and rapport, do your research, ask for referrals and ask your potential agent all the necessary questions. The above tips for selecting a real estate agent will undoubtedly come in handy.